Winter White
Winter White Card
Daughter of Snow White
Alliance Rebel
Parents Snow White
Friends TBA
Roommate Sara Raven
Date of Birth May 13th
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue



Winter White is the daughter of Snow White, and the alter ego of Apple White. A fierce Rebel, Winter despises the idea of being the next Snow White.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Winter is a complicated figure. She is a somewhat evil girl, yet she is always humble and never takes pride in anything. She wishes no Happily Ever After, rather, she wants to cut her own path and, "See what happens." She hates attention and prefers the company of herself.

Appearance Edit

Apple has pale skin inherited by her mother. She has dark blue eyes, pale red lips, and long curly blonde hair that she often wears in a messy braid. Her outfits color scheme consists of red, black, and blue. She wears a red-and-blue shirt with puffed out sleeves and grey swirls and loops, as well as a black and red skirt that goes to her knees.

Name Edit

The name "Winter" represents "Snow," therefore making her name a slightly different variant of "Snow White."

Fairy tale Edit

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Role Edit

Winter is destined to be the next Snow White.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

She is the daughter of Snow White and her Prince Charming.

Friends Edit

Winter is friends with Elaine Cinders, but their relationship has become distant in the recent years.

She also is rumored to have had counseling with the Evil Queen about her decision to be a rebel.

Romance Edit

She is destined to marry Adventurous Charming, though Winter would like to have her own choice.

Pet Edit

She has a pet snow fox.

Enemies Edit

Although Winter and Sara appear to be enemies, they really do have a bond of friendship.