Sebastian Sasin
Alliance Roybel
Nicknames Bastion
Parents The Soldier and Princess from "The Blue Light"
Siblings Jade Kosinski (sister)
Friends The TBA roommate.
Roommate TBA
Date of Birth TBA
Gender Male
Eye Color Green

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Sebastian Solar Sasin, or simply Bastion is the son of Soldier and Princess and the alter ego of Scythe Sasin . A moody and anti-social nerd, Bastion is a roybel.




Bastion is a moody teen who is your sterotypical emo kid. He doesn't care for feelings, (probably, Idk yet)

He is anti-social, he isn't rude perse, but he'll ignore people for the sole reason of them leaving him alone. 

He finds the whole Rebel vs Royal thing to be interesting but confusing.


Sebastian stands at a good six feet tall, with black hair and green eyes. There's a scar over his right eye. He wears black cargo pants, green shirt, and a black hoodie. 


Well, Sebastian was just another name I had for Scythe when he was created.

Fairy TaleEdit

The Blue Light

How Sebastian fits into it.Edit

Bastion is the adoptive son of the Soldier and the Princess, and the prince of the kingdom. Scythe doesn't want to forcibly take over the kingdom like is father, but does want to rule one day.



Jade Kosinski: Scythe's biological sister, (interactions TBA)


(I made Sebastian here IDK what I'm doing.)


Probably many.




Animals don't like him.


  • Scythe is friendly while Sebastian isn't.

Scythe is a weird name while Sebastian is more common. 

  • Scythe is dating Poem, Sebastian is an unknown in the romatic terms.
  • Scythe's best friends is his "Guild" Of Poem, Happy, C.S, Carla, and himself. Sebastian has no friends.