Roxanne Badwolf
Daughter of the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.
Alliance Unknown
Nicknames Roxy, Beezus.
Parents Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood
Siblings Sierra Hood
Friends Sierra Hood
Roommate TBA
Date of Birth October 31st
Gender Female
Eye Color Gray



Roxanne Badwolf is the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf and secretly the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood. That is, it was a secret until her twin sister Sierra Hood blew her families secret. The alter ego of Ramona Badwolf, Roxanne's side in the destiny conflict is currently unknown.

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Character Edit

Personality Edit

Roxanne is a figure who is very dependent on others and yet unloyal to them herself. She's very soft-spoken and tentative. She's especially shy about her wolf heritage. More TBA.

Appearance Edit

Ramona is very petite in stature with short dark brown hair often kept loose and falling into her eyes. She has soft gray eyes framed in delicate eyelashes and well as a dainty mouth that hides a pair of wolf fangs. Wolf ears stick out from her hair.

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Fairy tale Edit

Main Article: Little Red Riding Hood

Role Edit

She is destined to be the next Big Bad Wolf.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

She is the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. Her twin sister is Sierra Hood.

Friends Edit

Ramona often floats around when it comes to friends, her only true friends being her sister.

Pet Edit

It is unknown if Ramona has a pet.

Romance Edit

It is unknown whether or not Roxanne has any romantic interests.