Lavender Cheshire
Lavender Cheshire Card
Daughter of the Cheshire Cat
Alliance Roybel; Unknown
Parents The Cheshire Cat
Friends Sara Raven
Roommate Coraline Hatter
Date of Birth May 24th
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue, Green



Lavender Chesire is the daughter of the Chesire Cat and is the alter ego of Kitty Chesire. She is supposedly a Roybel in the destiny conflict, but she has the ability to block her thoughts from the Narrators; so they cannot tell. She enjoys pranking Fluffy Blanc and Alexander Wonderland, sometimes Coraline Hatter.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

A rebellious prankster, Lavender is usually the cause of trouble at Never After High. Unlike the real Kitty Cheshire, however, Lavender never seems to be smiling. She has a quick mind which has been sharpened by her complicated tricks.


Lavender Cheshire has grey-lavender colored hair and very light purple skin. She wears her hair in a high ponytail, but on Fridays she will wear it in a messy bun. Lavender has cat-like eyes, one blue and one green. She has a black jacket that goes to her stomach and to her elbows. Underneath she wears a blue-and-green dress in a camouflage like pattern. She wears black heeled boots with red straps.

Name Edit

The name Lavender comes from a flower and a color.

Fairy tale Edit

Main Article: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Role Edit

Lavender is destined to be the next Cheshire Cat.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Her mother is the Cheshire Cat.

Friends Edit

She is good friends with Sara Raven, whom she admires for her evilness, which also causes trouble at school.

Pet Edit

She has a pet caterpillar.

Romance Edit

Lavender currently has no romantic relationships.


She is enemies with Coraline Hatter, Alexander Wonderland, and Fluffy Blanc, all whom she likes to prank.