Isandre L'Orange
Alliance Royal
Nicknames Mirror!Isidore
Parents Aimée and Aimé
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue



Isandre L'Orange is the son of Princess Aimée and Prince Aimé from Madame d'Aulnoy's The Bee and the Orange Tree. He is the mirror counterpart of Isidore L'Orange and a resident villain.



Isandre is, with curly blond hair the same length as Isidore's and blue eyes. He wears a fancy orange jacket and khaki pants. He wears black dress shoes and dark orange stockings. On his head is a crown. Around his neck is a turquoise heart pendant.


Isandre is arrogant and spoiled, and has no qualms about flaunting his wealth and spends a lot of money on clothes and shoes. He is very narcissistic about his appearance and loves to look at his beautiful face in the mirror.