Isabella Beauty
Rosabella Beauty Card
Alliance Royal
Parents Beauty & the Beast
Roommate Angel Charming



Isabella Beauty is the daughter of Beauty and the Beast, as well as the alternate ego of Rosabella Beauty.

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Isabella has dark brown glasses with rounded frames. Her hair is sandy blonde with pink streaks.

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Isabella is a name similar to Rosabella. It was also a former trademark by Mattel before they chose the name Rosabella Beauty.

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Main article: Beauty and the Beast

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Brunetta Lockes Edit

Brunetta has a tendency to spread cruel and untrue rumors about Isabella. Although the cause for this is uncertain, it is likely that it has to do with Isabella's close friendship with Adventurous Charming.

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Adventurous Charming Edit

Adventerous and Isabella have been rumored to be dating by a jealous Brunetta Lockes, but these rumors were false.