Honey Biscuit
Honey Biscuit Card
Daughter of the Candy Witch
Alliance Royal
Parents The Candy Witch
Friends Sara Raven
Roommate Harmony Piper
Date of Birth January 24th
Gender Female
Eye Color Honey Brown



Honey Biscuit is the daughter of the Candy Witch. She is the alternate ego of Ginger Breadhouse and a proud Royal in the destiny conflict.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Honey is a true villain to her core. Selfish, intimidating, and untrustworthy, she is exciting to for fill her destiny as one of the most famous fairy tale witches of all time. Always cooking some poisonous treat, she is considered a good baker. It is often considered a shame by the other students that she wastes her delicious pastries by poisoning them.

Appearance Edit

Honey has long, dark brown hair with an occasional caramel swirl. She wears contacts, but will sometimes wear large, dark purple, v-shaped frames. She has a red dress which fades to black. She wears spiked heels that change color, depending on the mood of her surroundings. Her color theme is dark purple, black, and red.

Name Edit

Her last name is Biscuit, symbolizing the UK word for "cookie."

Fairy tale Edit

Main Article: Hansel and Gretel

Role Edit

Honey is destined to be the next Candy Witch.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

She is the daughter of the candy witch.

Friends Edit

Honey is good friends with her fellow villain Sara Raven. Other than Sara, Honey has no friends as everyone else is afraid of her. Honey doesn't mind this, as she likes being feared.

Pet Edit

She had a pet candy fish, but she found it took up too much of her time and she gave it away.

Romance Edit

She has a small crush on Hopiar Croaks, but she mostly finds him annoying.

Enemies Edit

Honey dislikes most Rebels, especially Ana Belle Thorn, a fellow villain who doesn't want to follow her destiny. She also dislikes Brunetta Lockes, who often appears where she is.