Hazel Wood
Hazle Wood Card
Daughter of Pinocchio
Alliance Royal
Parents Pinocchio
Friends TBA
Roommate Sierra Hood
Date of Birth July 17th
Gender Female
Eye Color Hazel



Hazel Wood is the daughter of Pinocchio at Never After High, and a Royal in the destiny conflict. She is the alter ego for Cedar Wood. Hazel is a mischievous and somewhat naïve student at Never After High.

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Unlike Cedar Wood, Hazel has no problem at all with spinning false tales. In fact, she does it all the time. Always ready to laugh, Hazel seems to be a nice student. She seems that way until she lies to you, which is sure to happen at some point. Hazel is very mischievous. She is also very untouched by the evils of the world, making her appear naïve.

Appearance Edit

Hazel has almond colored hair that she wears in a messy braid. She has a light, sandy, skin tone and dark red lips. Her nose is very fine. She wears a purple long sleeved shirt and a very short blue skirt. She does not wear shoes, as she is wooden.

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Hazel is destined to be the next Pinocchio, the titular character, in her story.

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