Grace Goosefeathers
Daughter of the Goose Girl
Alliance Rebel (Secretly Royal)
Parents The Princess from the Goose Girl (The Goose Girl herself) and her Prince.
Siblings Mary Goosefeathers
Friends TBA
Roommate N/A
Date of Birth March 23rd
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue



Grace Goosefeathers is the daughter of the princess from The Goose Girl, and the alternate ego of Gracie Goose, an fan-made Ever After High character. She is classified as a Rebel in the destiny conflict because she believes that the Rebel status is currently a popular trend. However, she is secretly a Royal because she loves her destiny.

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Grace is an extremely sarcastic and pessimistic princess who selfishly looks forward to her happily ever after without giving a thought to what it means for the next waiting-maid in her story. She is very un-social as she prefers to keep to herself.

Despite this dark core qualities that mostly make up her character, she does have some pros. Grace is very thoughtful and never jumps to conclusions without thoroughly thinking it through. She knows when she is wrong and she is ready to admit it... never to her enemies, though.

Grace loves swimming. She believes that if she is going to interact with water in her story (the river in which she loses her charm) she might as well enjoy being in it. Despite this, she is terrified of horses and doesn't know how she'll deal with the horse riding that is part of her story.

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Grace is of average height with fair skin the is heavily freckled on her cheeks and shoulders. She has sharp, bright blue eyes that seem to see through your soul. Grace's mother had hair like shining gold, and Grace naturally does also. However, she dyed it to a shimmering silver with two streaks of blue in her bangs. She wears her hair down with her bangs swept to the left side of her forehead. Her expression is usually either serious or frowning.

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Main Article: The Goose Girl

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Grace is destined to be the next princess.

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