Fluffy Blanc
Fluffy Blanc Card
Daughter of the White Rabbit
Alliance Rebel
Parents The White Rabbit
Friends TBA
Roommate Féebelle Thorn
Date of Birth January 21st
Gender Female
Eye Color Emerald Green



Fluffy Blanc is the daughter of the White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and the alternate ego of Bunny Blanc. She is a Rebel in the destiny conflict.

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Fluffy is a bold and daring student, always as coy as a kitten. Fluffy is always taking advantage of others when she can. More TBA

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Fluffy is short in stature with chin length pearl white hair and pink tinted skin. Her large eyes are a dazzling green color and her dark magenta lips are almost always curved into a coy smile. Despite the fact that Fluffy is not exactly an elegant person, she enjoys wearing gloves and ties.

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Main Article: Alice's Adventurous in Wonderland.

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Fluffy is destined to be the next White Rabbit.

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