Elaine Cinders
Daughter of Cinderella
Alliance Rebel
Parents Cinderella
Friends Coraline Hatter, Winter White
Roommate TBA
Date of Birth October 14th
Gender Female
Eye Color Green



Elaine Cinders is the daughter of Cinderella. She is the alter ego of Ashlynn Ella. Elaine is a Rebel in the destiny conflict. She dates Ace Huntsman, and is friends with Winter White and Coraline Hatter.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Despite the fact she is very kind and loving, most animals do not like Elaine. Elaine is hard-working and volunteers at Rosa O'Hair's Hair Shop, as well as Coraline Hatter's tea shoppe. Everyone usually likes her, but some people including Honey Biscuit and Sara Raven look down on her for her kindness.

Appearance Edit

Elaine Cinders has a mix of red, strawberry-blonde, and orange hair. She also has natural streaks of pink which she enhances to be hot pink. Her eyes are a bright green. Elaine wears a light aqua-colored shirt with thin sleeves that don't cover her shoulders, but run all the way down to her elbows. She wears a light pink skirt that runs to her knees with lace at the bottom. She wears glass slipper heels, but has several other pairs but in different colors.

Name Edit

Elaine is a name very similar to her mother's original name, Ella. Cinders are the name her step-aunts called her mother.

Fairy tale Edit

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Role Edit

Elaine is destined to be the next Cinderella.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Elaine is the daughter of Cinderella, and she has two step-cousins.

Friends Edit

She is friends with Coraline Hatter and Winter White. However, her relationship with Winter White has recently become strained and they are not as close as they used to be. As of Legacy Day, their friendship is slowly being restored bacause of her decision to rebel like Winter.

Pet Edit

She has a pet phoenix named Ashes.

Romance Edit

Elaine currently dates Ace Huntsman.