Coraline Hatter
Coraline Hatter Card
Daughter of the Mad Hatter
Alliance Royal
Nicknames Cora, Crazy Girl
Parents The Mad Hatter
Siblings N/A
Friends Adept Charming, John Dumpty
Roommate Lavender Cheshire
Date of Birth June 8th
Gender Female
Eye Color Lavender



Coraline Hatter is the daughter of the Mad Hatter, and a student at Never After High. She is the alter ego of Madeline Hatter. A Royal in the destiny conflict, Coraline is a very serious girl who usually takes things far to seriously.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Coraline is very sane and overly serious. She seems to never smile and she is extremely reserved. When in Crazyland, she was mad and silly, but when she had to go to Never After High, she could no longer act mad, whether she wanted to or not. Despite the fact she is not mad or crazy, Coraline loves tea.

Coraline enjoys using computers. She dislikes parties, but she will attend in respect of the host(ess).

Appearance Edit

Coraline has mint and plum colored hair that is naturally curly. However, she straightens it to give herself a more serious look. She has round, lavender colored eyes that are thickly lined with dark eyeliner and decorated with a lot of mascara. She wears dark violet lipstick. Her outfits are never bright and she prefers the color black. She also does not see the purpose of high heels, and always wears either tennis shoes or slippers.

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Fairy tale Edit

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Role Edit

Coraline's destiny is to be the next Mad Hatter. She believes that when she returns to Crazyland, her craziness will return to her.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

She is the daughter of the Mad Hatter.

Friends Edit

She is friends with her fellow workers at the MirrorNet Central.

Romance Edit

She has a crush on John Dumpty, who she works with at MirrorNet Central.

Pet Edit

She has a mouse named Earl Grey.

Enemies Edit

It is said that she is enemies with Sara Raven and Lavender Cheshire.

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