Avery Cupid
Avery Cupid Art
Adopted Daughter of Eros
Alliance Royal
Nicknames Av
Parents Eros
Friends TBA
Roommate Brunetta Lockes
Date of Birth November 24th
Gender Female
Eye Color Gray



Avery Cupid is the adopted daughter of Eros and the alternate ego for C.A. Cupid. She was transferred to Never After High because the destiny conflict. Don't mention love to Avery. She is incredibly sick of it. Despite this fact she is a Royal in the destiny conflict because, "Love is rebellious, and I can't stand love. So I suppose that makes me a Royal."

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A very uptight and sensible girl, Avery has no time for dealing with anything artistic or emotional. She is often frustrated when other students come to her for love advice.

She often says that she is only the adopted daughter of Eros and that she doesn't have any "love powers." However, this is untrue. Avery can make anyone fall in love with her arrows and she can even make someone have a small crush on another simply by snapping and pointing at the selected person and then to the one they will be crushing on.

Avery is described as very smart, organized, and logical. She has a perfect school record in that she has flawless grades and that she has never been late to any of her classes.


Avery Cupid has Grey eyes and light Aqua-Green hair that is cut above her shoulders and has a jagged fringe. She has bright pink eye shadow and lipstick. Her outfit is a light pink top with a magenta skirt covered in black lace. She also wears a light Aqua-Blue, three-quarter length jacket and black high-heeled shoes.



Fairy taleEdit

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Although Avery is not exactly destined to take her father's place she has been told that in the future she could help out in the business of human love. Avery turned down the offer but her adopted father is still persistent.



Avery is the adopted daughter of Eros, the Greek god of love.


Avery is very busy and doesn't spend a lot of time socializing. However, there are a few people whom she has become close to and can call "friends." Over time she and her roommate, Brunetta Lockes, grew to enjoy one another company. More TBA.


Avery has no pet as she thinks that a pet would take up too much of her precious time.


Avery is sick of love and is therefore not interested in anyone.