Adept Charming
Adept Charming Card
Son of King Charming
Alliance Rebel
Parents King Charming, Queen Charming
Siblings Adventurous Charming, Angel Charming
Friends John Dumpty, Coraline Hatter, Sara Raven, and his siblings.
Roommate Ace Huntsman
Date of Birth February 11th
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue



Adept Charming is one of the children of King Charming, and a Rebel in the the destiny conflict. A student at Never After High, Adept is the alternate ego of Dexter Charming. Described as adventurous, proud, and bold, it is a mystery why this prince isn't a Royal.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Adept is strong and courageous, a perfect Prince Charming. He can tend to be somewhat arrogant, however, and his pride can get in the way of his daily life every so often. When he isn't busy with things such as horse riding, jousting, and hanging out with friends he can be found in the MirrorNet Lab.

Appearance Edit

Adept is tall with fair skin, warm blue eyes, and messy chocolate brown hair. He usually wears contacts instead of glasses.

Name Edit

"Adept" is a synonym of "Dexterous." At Never After High all the children of King Charming have names starting with "A."

Fairy tale Edit

Main Article: Unknown

Role Edit

Although Adept knows not his destiny, he knows he is supposed to play the role of a Prince Charming or King.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

He is the son of King and Queen Charming. He has two siblings; an older brother named Adventurous Charming and a slightly younger twin sister named Angel Charming.

Friends Edit

He is friends with John Dumpty and Coraline Hatter, both of which he works with at MirrorCentral. He is also very close with both of his siblings and his roommate, Ace Huntsman. He also has a strong friendship with his girlfriend, Sara Raven.

Pet Edit

He has a pet jackalope whom he named Mr. Linenhorn.

Romance Edit

He is dating Sara Raven.