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• 7/7/2018

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• 8/10/2017

OC Guidelines

Not quite sure what the rules are for OCs. Do they have to be mirror characters? Do they have to be from fairy tales? 
Any ideas? The rules are going to be receiving some rennovation very soon and I need some tips.
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• 6/6/2016

Question about the Never After High Charmings

SPOILER WARNING: For those who have NOT seen Dragon Games, I would suggest you move on with your forums because this has SLIGHT spoilers!
Okay so the Charming Destiny's were questioned in Dragon Games, with Daring not being Apple's prince and Darling in a way would be (I mean personally opion; if you want to think it was CPR, think that. I think that it was true love's kiss because why else would it have worked?) 
So is Angle Winter's princess? Is Adventurous the next beast (cause ya know, Epic Winter and stuff)? I'm just wondering cause I puzzle about things like this and I need answers!!!!!!
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• 5/1/2016

Briar Beauty, Rosabella Beauty, Faybelle Thorn, & How Active We Are

Hi guys! To those admins- (you know who you are! CrystalPony7, RoybelGirl, and Ivypan800!!) there haven't been many people here lately. So here's something I want every one to think about- what do we do for Briar, Faybelle, and Rosabella's names?!  Also, this wiki has not had much active-ness. I'd like to get to 100 pages! Thnx so much, you guys!
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